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Some of the most popular lotteries in the world carry the Powerball moniker. We have the Australian Powerball lottery right here on our home turf, but that’s not the only Powerball family member. The Aussie Powerball was actually crafted with the original US Powerball lottery in mind. The same goes for the New Zealand Powerball and the South African Powerball lotteries. All those Powerball lotteries have two things in common: the name and the fantastic prizes that are up for grabs!

Powerball-Online.net has a simple goal: we want to give you all the necessary info about these four Powerball lotteries, so you are able to decide which Powerball lottery is the one that suits you best. Or maybe you will discover that all of them are worth your while. Find the latest results, the current jackpot standings as well as fast and convenient access to lottery tickets for all four Powerball lottery family members – right here at Powerball-Online.net.

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6 Responses to About Powerball-Online.net

  1. chris says:

    do you take visa debit cards, or pre-pay visa

  2. Jessy says:

    I want to know if i play and win any of the four power ball how will you pay me.I am resident in Nigeria and i am originally born of Nigeria.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jessy,
      Once you purchase a ticket you become the lawful owner of it.
      Within a few hours before the draw, you’ll have the a copy of the scanned ticket in your account.
      In case you’re a lucky winner, there are 2 options:
      Wins of under $2500 will be added to your theLotter account (where you purchase the ticket), for you to use or withdraw.
      Wins of over $2500 will be wired to you via bank transfer.
      In case of any legal issues with collecting the prize, our local office representative will be able to resolve it, as they are all citizens of the country in which they operate.
      Good luck,
      Powerball-Online.net customer support

      • chris says:

        is this the same for Canadian residents ? is this system legal at all? i was under the impression that a person had to be in the states to purchase a power ball ticket and that it is against the law to transport a lottery ticket across the border. i would love to play but being an online agency sounds risky.

        • admin says:

          Hi Chris,
          Our local reps are citizens of the country in which the operate.
          Even though you are the lawful owner of the ticket, claiming the prize can be done by anyone with power of attorney.
          The fact that our local reps are citizens should resolve any legal issues.
          Powerball-Online.net customer support

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