Next Powerball Draw

For each of the four Powerball lotteries spread across the globe, you can see the results of the most recent draw and the time left until the next draw in the widgets below. Pick your favourite and PLAY POWERBALL NOW!

14 Responses to Next Powerball Draw

  1. RIAZ AHMED says:

    How we trust your web site.. or your links…..

    Can you please clarify this….

    If we got win in future of powerball… how to claim that amount,. It’s tax free … from USA ..

    • admin says:

      Hi Riaz,
      Our site is secured and safe!
      Winners of over $2500 will have their wins transferred via bank transfer.
      You can give power of attorney to anyone on your behalf, to collect the prize instead.
      Good luck, customer support

  2. Krishma bk says:

    beleave ar not its only yourluck to win such amount of money

  3. Sbusisiwe says:

    Give me a result for powerball everyday send with my e mail adress

    • admin says:

      You can register for automatic results alerts of any lottery once you open an account.
      Simply click on any link here and you’ll be able to open an account and set up alerts.
      Best, customer support

      • Pat Obilli says:

        Is it legal to play lottery/powerball lottery in the US, Australia or South Africa even though i live/citizen of New Zealand.
        Thank you

        • admin says:

          Hi Pat,
          It doesn’t matter where you live – you can play any lottery from anywhere in the world.
          Our local reps are citizens of the country in which they operate, so that should settle any legal issues with collecting prizes.
 customer support

  4. gavin strauss says:

    how much can you bet,lowest

    • admin says:

      Hi Gavin,
      Prices of tickets depend on the type of ticket you’d like to purchase, currency, etc.
      The basic 3-line Powerball ticket costs US$15.
      Click on any link on the site and get your ticket today!
      Best, customer support

  5. melvin says:

    Like to play powerball online,south african.

    • admin says:

      Hi Melvin,
      You can play from anywhere in the world!
      Simply click on one of the links on the site and you’ll be good to go!
      Best, customer support

  6. melvin says:

    Beleave or not.its only your luck to win such amount of money.

  7. melvin says:

    We are one family in this world beleave it or not?

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