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A Dreamy Jackpot

Well, it’s been a while since the world had seen a huge jackpot and that time is here again! Powerball fans around the world are buzzing over this massive $510 million jackpot and for a good reason. The cash prize for this amount stands at $324.2 million, almost as high as the share of the 3 winners of the $1.58 billion draw. Back then, three lucky ticket holders from California, Florida and Tennessee each earned almost $328 million, in what is still considered the biggest drawing in history.
The second biggest Powerball jackpot of the year was won by a California ticket holder, who won the $447.8 million jackpot ($279.2 cash prize) back in June 10. Right behind him stands the Indiana winner from February, who won the $435.3 million jackpot ($263.5 cash prize).
So who’s the next winner to join the Powerball hall of fame? You only have to do one thing to win – and that’s to get a ticket. Don’t waste another minute, grab the $510 million jackpot this weekend and become a multi-millionaire!

Powerball Results

Wednesday’s winning numbers were 9-15-43-60-64 and Powerball 4. Two lucky ticket holders from California and Florida matched 5 numbers and won $1 million each, while one player in Texas opted for the PowerPlay and won $2 million!
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296 Million Reasons to Play Powerball

The US Powerball continues its race towards to $300 million mark and now stands at $293 million! With the US elections behind us, it’s time to name the US Powerball as the biggest and greatest in the world – so go on, elect to play US Powerball today, get your tickets now! Money in theContinue Reading

US Powerball jackpot is HUGE!

Wow! WOW! Yes, you heard it right: the jackpot in the US Powerball lottery currently offers an unbelievable $450 million amount! And it is yours for the taking in the next Powerball draw, scheduled to take place on Wednesday, 11 February at 22:59 CET local US time. Play US Powerball online If you’d like toContinue Reading