US Powerball Statistics

Powerball statistics can help you understand what numbers get picked more often. This way, you can create a strategy for the next draw. You will also find results to the latest draws and get tips for improving your gameplay.

The Powerball number matrix has been changed a total of seven times throughout the history of this US lottery, with the latest change being in 2015. This is when the game started using 5 white balls out of 69 + 1 Powerball out of 26. Before this, the main numbers were extracted from a range of 1 to 59 and the Powerball pool included 35 numbers, not just 26.

The data included below is based on results from the beginning of the Powerball history to offer you a complete overview of the best numbers to play. To stay updated with the latest draws, winning numbers and prize breakdown, you can check out the Powerball results after each draw.

Hot Numbers

What are hot numbers? These are the lottery numbers that have been drawn most frequently throughout the Powerball history, since the first draw in 1992 to the present day.

It might seem like a good strategy to go for these particular numbers in the next draw, but keep in mind that because they are popular, more players are likely to choose them. This means that you will have to split your prize with others in case you win, as there are more chances of other people getting the same hot numbers.

However, considering the size of the Powerball prizes, this chance is worth taking. Additionally, if you win the secondary prizes those will be paid in full, regardless of how many winners there are.

  • US Powerball hot numbers are: 26, 16, 41, 32, 28, 23

Cold Numbers

What about cold numbers? Obviously, cold numbers are the ones chosen least frequently!

You could base your strategy on this statistic and avoid these numbers as they have a bad history. However, don’t completely rule them out, as there is no scientific guarantee that they will not come up in future draws. As unlikely as it may seem, the Powerball numbers are selected at random, so anything can happen!

  • US Powerball cold numbers are: 65, 60, 67, 68, 66, 63

Most Frequently Selected Main Numbers

Number frequency is an important aspect to keep in mind when creating your strategy. You will get an overview of the numbers that have been drawn the most and how many times they were picked. The infographic below offers you a list of the most frequently selected main numbers!

powerball numbers ranked according to frequency


Most Frequently Selected Powerball

How about the special Powerball? You should consider the frequency in this section as well, as you are required to choose one single Powerball to participate. Currently, the additional number is selected from a range of 1 to 26.

  • Most frequently picked Powerball: 6, 20, 9, 24, 26, 11

Below you can see how many times these numbers were drawn and when was the last time they were extracted.

Powerball NumberDrawn X TimesLast Drawn
689 timesApril 27, 2019
2087 timesJanuary 19, 2019
985 timesSeptember 1, 2018
2484 timesMay 26, 2019
2683 timesMay 18, 2019
1181 timesMarch 3, 2018

To wrap everything up, there were over 2,838 Powerball draws since the lottery started back in 1992. The first draw was on Wednesday 22nd April 1992. Many lottery players are still attracted to the US Powerball as they offer the biggest prizes on the market, and statistics are an important component. These results represent the values in July 2019 and we will update them each month with fresh information. You can use this page to create a personal and successful strategy! Good luck in the next draw!