US Powerball Syndicates

US Powerball is a top priority for every lottery player, as it offers the biggest prizes on the market! Most people don’t know how to make the best of their ticket, and you can’t afford to be one of them! US Powerball syndicates offer you amazing advantages by playing a huge number of tickets at a fraction of the cost.

What is a Syndicate?

A lottery syndicate is a group of players who buy a huge number of lottery tickets together. They gather their money and purchase entries as a group, increasing everyone’s chance of winning. You can use lottery messenger services like theLotter to play US Powerball and other major lotteries with a syndicate.

If you choose to join an online syndicate and increase your odds of winning the Powerball prizes, your effort will be minimal. theLotter selects the lottery numbers for you and then buys batches of tickets for your syndicate. You don’t even need to create a group yourself, everything will be set up for you!

Take a look at the short video below to get a clear explanation of how syndicates work!


Why Play Lottery Syndicates?

To take your gameplay to the next level, you should definitely consider joining a syndicate. You will benefit from increased odds of winning, reduced costs, and the excitement of sharing this adventure with other players.

  • You have more tickets and better odds of winning. The main advantage of playing with a syndicate is that you can buy a huge number of tickets. Of course, the easiest way of increasing your chances of winning the lottery is purchasing more tickets and participating in more draws.
  • You only pay a fraction of the cost. Buying tens or hundreds of Powerball tickets on your own is quite an expensive method of increasing odds. This is where syndicate comes in! You buy hundreds of tickets with your group, with each playing a fraction of the total sum.
  • You can win more prizes with the same syndicate. The tickets in your syndicate will have different numbers. That means that you can have some of the winning numbers on more than one ticket and win more Powerball prizes. Also, according to how much money you paid, you will get one or more shares of the purchased tickets. In case your syndicate wins, the prize will be split among the players.

Types of Powerball Syndicates

There are different types of syndicates you can choose from, based on your preferences and goals. theLotter offers you four different syndicate options, so you will certainly find something perfect for you.

Random Selection

Your numbers are randomly selected for the batch of tickets your syndicate opts for, so you save a lot of time by skipping this step.


The systematic form covers all probable unique combinations our of a set of 7 to 14 numbers.  These numbers are randomly chosen. Remember that systematic forms are a great way of improving your odds of winning but playing it on your own would be quite expensive. More tickets mean more chances of winning, which will bring you closer to the enormous Powerball prizes. If one or multiple tickets has the winning numbers, then the members of the syndicate all share the prize! With a syndicate, you can afford this feature by splitting the cost of a huge number of tickets with other players. With a syndicate, you can afford this feature by splitting the cost of a huge number of tickets with other players.

Additional numbers match guaranteed

The lines include every possible combination of the lottery’s additional number. It ensures that the syndicate will match the Powerball at least once. This feature increases the odds of winning the Powerball prizes that include the additional number, and endure the win of the last prize category which only requires the Powerball.

Guaranteed number match

Each line in the syndicate includes one changing number. This number covers the entire guess range of Powerball. As a result, your syndicate will certainly match at least one number drawn!

US Powerball Syndicate FAQ

Get the answers to the most common questions about syndicate play! Learn how it works, how you can take part in syndicate play and how you can play online. See the benefits of this feature and try it before the next Powerball draw!

How does a lottery syndicate work?

A syndicate entry allows you to share lottery tickets and (if you match the winning numbers) also the prizes with a group of players. This way, you cover more numbers and share the cost, but at the same time increase your odds of winning a prize.

How do you start a lottery syndicate? 

You can create your own syndicate with friends, family or co-workers by collecting money and buying lottery tickets. Use online apps to register your syndicate, pick a name, and start playing. If you choose to play online with theLotter, you can skip all these steps, and simply join a syndicate hassle-free!

Can you play a lottery syndicate online?

Yes! You can easily join a lottery syndicate online and share the fun of playing (and possibly winning) with other lottery players! theLotter sets everything up for you, so playing with a syndicate is just a few clicks away! Just buy you shares and keep fingers crossed!

Are lottery syndicates legal? 

Yes! Lottery syndicates are both legal and safe, so there is nothing to worry about when deciding to join one! You can easily do it online and skip the effort of setting it up by yourself. You decide for yourself how many shares you want to buy and which syndicate you want to join.

How are syndicate wins divided?

Syndicate wins are divided among players based on how much money each contributed to the common pool. If you choose to play online, you will get a number of shares according to your investment. The prize will be shared accordingly.

Powerball syndicate play will drastically improve your odds of winning the major jackpot or secondary prizes. Try your luck in the next draw and don’t miss out on the opportunity to get more tickets for less money by sharing the cost with other syndicate players! Goodluck!


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